Welcome to our new year!

Welcome to the start of a new school year, a year of growth and discovery for you and your child that will never again be repeated. We are thrilled and excited that you have chosen us as your partner in taking this journey. You have enrolled your child in a truly exceptional institution different from any that we as adults know of in the “normal” world.  What can you expect from us in this coming year?

1.       You can expect that we will care for and honor your child as the unique individual that he/she is.

2.       You can expect that we will be committed to your child’s growth and development this year as we perceive his/her needs and interests.

3.       You can expect that we will be committed to your understanding of what we do here to the best of our ability, strength and time.

4.       You can expect that we will act in a professional and caring manner toward you and your child.

5.       You can expect that we will be honest with you and that we have no intention to deceive or cause harm to you and your child.

6.       You can expect that we are committed to Maria Montessori’s vision of creating global citizens, world peace and leadership as age appropriate for your child.

7.       You can expect our staff to be committed to your child, you, our school and the Montessori ideals beyond all usual standards.

A school is nothing but people, and no institution can be any greater than its weakest link. What do we need from you in order to provide all that your child deserves from us, and to be an experience that will influence you and your child for the rest of your lives?

1.       We ask that you learn about Montessori education, its goals and values and the manner in which our school in particular delivers it.

2.       We ask that you attend every event we hold to further your understanding of Montessori in general and RVMA/Cherry Blossom in particular.

3.       We ask that you volunteer your time and talents where you can to be able to offer your child ideas and ideals beyond what we as a staff can offer.

4.       We ask that you bring your child to school on time so that we may offer him everything he is entitled to that day.

5.       We ask that you pick her up on time so that your child never sees school as a place he is abandoned.

6.       We ask that you rise above the normal beliefs and conventions that exist in the world and join us in creating a better world for our children.

Thank you again for joining us in a year of life together. As the great Indian Chief Sitting Bull said “Let us put our minds together and see what a world we can create for our children."

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