Written by Tina Paccione, Director of Development

There are perks with most jobs and working in a school is no different. Working in a school where your children go has additional perks. Being a part of a school with open arms and invitations to visit your child’s classroom at any time is a perk beyond perks as many schools do not allow parents past the front door.
Being a part of my children’s school allows for additional moments with my kids that I wouldn’t otherwise get. It’s usually a “Hey everyone, that’s my mommy!” or, in many cases, no words; just a hug then a “good-bye, Mommy”. Those moments are special and I experienced them while volunteering in the library before becoming a staff member. There is nothing that warms my heart more than a hug and a smile from my children who are both happy and surprised to see me in their world.
I just experienced another moment with my son, but this one touched us both even deeper. He’s my middle child and tends to fight a little harder for my attention. We even have a signal that we each use when we want love and attention at that moment from the other. Quiet moments with him are sparse but treasured.
I followed Ms. Nittoli to her classroom where Nick’s Kindergarten class was just cleaning up their work to begin music class. Nick came and hugged me as he exclaimed, “Mommy!”, followed by, “What are you doing here?” As I was finishing up my business, Mrs. Cesta started playing a little beat that immediately got me and Nick swaying back and forth with our arms wrapped around each other. “Tip-toe, tip-toe” she sang as the other students tip-toed in a circle. I then started to tip toe to the beat as he walked backwards to follow my lead. We joined the rest of the students who were laughing and swirling around us as we tip-toed together. 
After a few minutes, I made my exit to go back to work. I didn’t need to see Nick’s face to know the pride he felt and how much that moment with his mom meant to him.
I love my job.

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