Separation Tips

Those first few days of school may be a little rough on your child and on you.  Here are some suggestions for helping good-byes go smoothly:

  • Prepare your child the night before school.  Discuss what will happen on arrival. 
  • Make the good-byes as brief as possible.  Give each other one big hug and one big kiss; it is important to establish this routine.  If your child is upset, the sooner you get out the door, the sooner he/she can start to recover.  Some parents place an extra kiss in their child’s palm in case they need it later.
  • Do not wait for your child to become distracted and then sneak off.
  • Do not tell your child that you will be waiting right outside; this encourages your child to try to leave the classroom to get to you.
  • Model behavior for your child.  If you are cheerful and mater-of-fact, it will be easier for your child as well.
  • If problems persist, try to find out if there is something bothering your child at school.  Let the teacher know; perhaps it is something that is easily remedied.

Remember, this is a process and may take time.  You will get through this process with love & firmness.

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