Immersed in Science

Primary students in the Emily Dickinson classroom soaked up their science project by creating a Grass Garden on a Sponge. They were absorbed in their work as they wet their sponges and sprinkled seeds to begin their science project. According to four-year-old Marilyn, sprinkling the seeds was the most fun.

Once the seeds were spread and the sponge covered with plastic wrap, the sponges were set in on a sunny window sill. “The next day I came in and I could see little bits of green coming out of the seeds.” said Marilyn. “I was so excited. I’d look to see it and then I’d have to turn around to look at it again.” She continued.   “I think I looked at it every couple of seconds!”
When asked what she’ll do with it when she gets home, she said, “I’m going to water it and put it in my grass and flower garden outside. If it grows as tall as the tree, we’ll cut it and let it grow again.”

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