Resolutions Aren't Just for New Years

Written by RVM 5th Year Student, Thara Kalvala

A resolution that is made at the Montessori Model United Nations is a list of ideas that could help the world with issues that are hurting people. Making resolutions is one of the main things that we do at the MMUN. A resolution is really important because it could have an effect on the world. At the MMUN children are the ones that are making the resolutions to help save the world. Prior to the MMUN conference, we are assigned topics which we research before we come to a resolution. The topics and committees are decided by the MMUN. Later our teacher will put us in committees and decide which country we will represent. At the MMUN during caucuses we find other delegates and we work to create resolutions.
At the conference, the delegates are grouped by their topic which might mean a group of 50 – 100 students. Here they listen to each other’s prepared speeches and caucus. A caucus is the beginning of the resolution process. When a delegate feels strongly about the ideas presented in a speech, they can make a motion to hold a caucus that can last for 15 to 30 minutes. All delegates vote on the amount of time that each caucus is given. During the caucus, the delegates listen to each other’s opinions and they comment on whether they agree or disagree and share ideas about resolutions.
I learned a lot from my experience last year on how to find leaders or powerful people who can help me adjust the resolutions I came up with or created new ones that might pass. I learned the best way to find these people is to really listen to their ideas during their speeches and caucus with them.
I also learned that the best way to make any resolution pass is to gather a big group and that is what we did at this years' MMUN.
At the end of each year’s conference we go to the United Nations to vote on our resolutions. For each resolution to pass the majority of the votes must be “yes”. If a resolution is passed at the MMUN then it is forwarded to the committee’s president and then on to the UN for consideration in resolving current issues. This year my resolution passed along with many other delegates.
The amazing thing about making resolutions is that we are kids that are creating solutions to make our world better. The MMUN’s motto is “inspiring the youth to create a better world” and that is what we just did.


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Great work, Thara!

by Rosalind on 5/20/2012 6:30:29 PM

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