coMMUNications from our Delegates

Written by our Cherry Blossom

Upper Elementary Students

When I was given the offer to go to the UN for the third time, I knew it would mean a lot of extra work on advanced matters, a rather large cost, and would end up in a great and life-changing experience. I could handle it. I went over it with my family, and eagerly replied “yes”.
I worked hard writing my position paper, speech, and even making the poster board, but once I walked through the doors of the Marriott hotel for the third time, I knew it would all pay off as it always did. I remember the conference room seeming smaller then in the previous years. All of the other schools made beautiful poster boards- I would have felt slightly jealous, however Mrs. Burlew and I made a gorgeous diorama.
Then the big moment came. I gave speeches twice before in my life, and I admit I was anxious. I knew all the tips everyone every told me. It sounded very clear and fluent through the microphone. When I got back to my seat I received a wonderful compliment through a note. It read, "I love you speech do you want to meet up?" Not the best grammar, but it still delivered a great message.
One of my most favorite experiences I had at MMUN this year was getting to be with my best friend, Asrita. We had an amazing time together that was filled with laughter and fun. We helped each other write the resolution papers during session, and made each other confident when we gave our speeches. I am glad I have Asrita as a friend I can count on at anytime of the day.
My second most favorite part of MMUN this year was meeting new friends with whom I shared similar interests and could work with on the resolution paper during our sessions.It was very exciting to see our resolution come together, and I am proud to say that it was a successful paper that had everyone’s ideas in it.
My third most favorite part of Model UN was after session. We got to be with each other and do whatever we wanted. I enjoyed going to the swimming pool every day and going to dinner for Ms. Young’s birthday. It felt great to see Ms. Young’s face light up with surprise! The 2012 MMUN was the best of all the previous Model UN sessions I have ever been to.
One of the things I will cherish forever is that I had my best friend Ananya to pull me through the new experience of the MMUN conference. It would have been pretty scary to do alone. Thank goodness I had an experienced friend to see me through this time.
During the MMUN sessions, I learned the protocol which the real delegates experience. Creating peaceful solutions to world problems is a very difficult job.
The social part was very empowering. Ananya and I got to have sleepovers every night; I always wanted an older sister! I also enjoyed swimming at the hotel pool; which was heated. Spending time with all my Cherry Blossom friends was also wonderful. We had the opportunity to go to favorite restaurants together.
The first night we all went to the United Nations for the MMUN Opening Ceremonies. I got to sit where the “real delegates sit” in the General Assembly. It was amazing.
Reading my speech was the highlight of sitting in session for six hours everyday! Having an experienced friend, Tyler Vrabel, to share what was going on during the sessions was very helpful to me. I also enjoyed learning how to caucus and the procedure for making resolutions. Our resolution paper was passed on Saturday which made me happy. I hope that the “real” delegates get to read our resolution papers.
I really enjoyed my trip to the United Nations and hope to go again someday. I believe I would make a great future USA delegate. I would love to create world peace.
At the MMUN, I presented my speech about Kenyan terrorism. Here is how I did it. But first I will tell you why I value it. I value it because I worked really hard on it and wanted to give it. Mrs. Young, my parents and I would be really disappointed if I didn't present it. So like I was saying, here is how I said it. First all the delegates where presenting their speeches from topic two (that's me) and the second session was nearly over so I wanted to give my speech before the day was over. So when the Dais asked if there were any more speakers I put the (Kenya) placard up. They called on us like this: “The Delegation from Kenya”. So I stood up. Now we were in the middle of a moderated caucus so I asked if I could say my speech. They told me that this was the time for resolutions but if I want I can give my speech. I got cold feet and told them that I would not like to present my speech and I sat down. Now some of you may be wondering why I said that; I will tell you why but you will have to just wait a little longer. So when I sat down Samuel told me that he would have gone if he were me. So I thought about that and soon left Samuel’s words behind me because I was worrying that if I didn't present my speech then I may never share it in front of such a huge audience.  So a little later I raised the placard and asked the Dais if I could share my speech tomorrow. They said that tomorrow we would be working on topic one (Samuel’s committee) and I probably would not get to present my speech. So that’s when I decided to present my speech. I was extremely nervous as I walked toward the microphone but once I started speaking I was fine. I would like to go back next year.
Thursday during the MMUN, was the day that people were presenting The Humanitarian Situation in the Gaza Strip which is my topic.   We got a note from Portugal asking to be with them in the caucus and we replied, “Yes”. In the caucus we came up with neat ideas. My partner kept on saying that my speech will be next but it wasn't. After we ate lunch we went back to the Marriott. Then after a long time I finally presented my speech. Unfortunately our resolution didn't pass. I want to go back to Montessori Model U.N.  



While at the MMUN conference, we went to dinner at Juniors Restaurant. I ordered cow tongue which I was told was a good muscle to eat until I thought about what I was eating and felt sick. The lesson I learned is to never listen to Tylers’ dad when it comes to food.
My MMUN experience was exciting at the general asembly. I got to walk where important world leaders walked.
I was proud of the work I did; like my speech and resolutions with all the other delagates. In conclusion, I would like to go to MMUN next year!
I had a great time at the UN. There were 3 favorite things that I would like to share with you; doing my speech, our resolutions and going to the General Assembly.
First, I would like to talk about my speech. My topic was Taking Measure Toward the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.  At first the president told me I wasn't going to be able to do my speech because there wasn’t enough time. But then I ended being able to do it and enjoyed it very much.
Next, I would like to tell you about our resolutions and how we passed both of them on terrorism and nuclear weapons. When we made our resolutions we started with three sponsors and ended with 10 others such as Qatar, Russian federation and Botswana. Our signatories were Nigeria, Switzerland, Lao and Italy. When we voted, both of our resolutions passed.
The General Assembly was the best experience at the UN. The General Assembly was this huge room with a podium in front and that's where all of the real delegates from the countries meet.
The UN was a great experience that allowed us to act like real delegates. I would love to go to the UN again.


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