The Duffys Take on the MMUN

Written by Upper Elementary twins, Emmett and Aidan Duffy and their Mom and RVM teacher, Lynda.

This was my second year at the UN and I was glad to have my classmate Kevin with me this year. I have to say that this year was a lot better than the last year due to being prepared and being in control. That made it much easier. I was in a very small committee of 30 kids called United Nations Security Council A. Since we were small we got a small room with windows so I did not feel cramped. Our president was really nice and had a really good voice. We said our speeches and caucused which is everyone’s favorite thing. We get to talk with other delegates, learn a little about them and see their way to resolve the issues. We argue to get our point across and work really hard but the best part is making new friends. This year I saw a friend that I made last year and that is really cool. I felt really privileged to get to go to the UN for a second time and have this experience.  – Emmett Duffy, 5th Year Student
The MMUN (Montessori Model United Nations) was excellent. I liked all of it from giving speeches to passing notes. I was in the committee called UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) I was in salon A, which is one of the many conference rooms in the building. We had a fairly big room because we had 70 people in the group. Our president (the head of our committee) was very nice. In our group there were mostly 5th and 6th graders there were very few 4th graders. The regular caucusing was good; it is where we get up and make resolutions for our topic. My partner’s topic was Natural Disasters which was first so I sat in on the meetings. There was a lunch break in the middle of the day (12:00 to 2:00) then we caucused, said our speeches and caucused till five which was the end of the day. The first day was much like the second day; we caucused and gave speeches on the other topic “Clean Water”. On the last day we went to the United Nations and voted on our resolutions. My resolution passed. I had a fun time and the United Nations was great!   - Aidan Duffy, 5th Year Student              
I was privileged to attend a second year of Montessori Model UN on April 25th-28th in NYC. It was inspiring to watch the 5th years return to the conference with a different level of participation. While they were all confident and successful last year this year they were the “pros” and they truly became leaders. They were comfortable with the process and were quick to jump into the debates, join groups, contribute to discussions and create resolutions. They got right to work and became role models for the 4th years in their committees. The children had even more confidence and were excited to be in the middle of everything. They became so focused and involved with the topics that in one session they actually complained when they had to vote to break for lunch. They all wanted to stay and continue the session. That truly speaks to the foundation of Montessori!   - Lynda Duffy, RVM Parent and Teacher


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