Tyler and the Giant Speech

Hi, my name is Tyler Vrabel and I am a sixth year student at The Cherry Blossom Montessori School. I was asked to write a blog about how I think the 4th and 5th year students are going to feel when they go to the UN this year for the Montessori Model United Nations Program. The only way I can think of their emotions is through my own, so let me start talking to you about my first year at the UN.

When I was given the offer to go to the UN for the first time, I wasn't really too sure. It would mean a lot of extra work on really advanced matters, a rather large cost, but to end up in a great and life-changing experience. I went over the pros and cons with my family, and bravely replied yes.
I then learned that for the time being I would have to go to our Bridgewater campus twice a week after school to prepare myself for the experience. I really didn't want to go there after school at first, but once I got to know Mrs. Virk, I admit I was anxious to prepare.
I worked hard writing my position paper, speech, and even making the poster board, but once I walked through the doors of the Marriot hotel, I knew it would all pay off. I remember the conference room seeming larger than life. All of the other schools made beautiful poster boards - I felt slightly jealous.
Then the big moment came. I never gave a speech before in my life, let alone in front of some five hundred students. That's not me speaking in the picture on the left, but it gives you an idea of what speaking to all of these students looks like. This is actually a picture of the students in the general assembly. I tried desperately to remember all the tips Mrs. Virk told me. It sounded very clear and fluent through the microphone - that alone surprised me. I remember when I got off the podium and went back to my seat I received wonderful compliments through notes. There were a few people who wrote, "Great job, Finland" (that was the country I was representing) and even a "Have you ever done that before?"
I'm sorry, I went way off subject. I guess it is safe to say that I need some five hundred words to even begin to speak about my first MMUN experience. You know I just answered the question. I believe all new-comers to the MMUN system will have a more life-changing experience then they could say.

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Reader Comments (2)

Congratualtions, Tyler, on your firt major step. Based on how well your blog is written, I can only imagine how amazing your presentation was to the MMUN. I hope you are proud of yourself because you make me proud that I send my children to RVMA.

by Natalee on 4/20/2012 8:38:20 AM

Wow, I am at a loss for words here as "Way to go" is too small a phrase for the giant achievement here. Thank you for sharing your experience and wishing you more unforgettable experiences like this.

by Divya on 4/19/2012 8:03:50 PM

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