Gratitude and Giving

News from the Mother Teresa Classroom

If there could be one word to summarize our theme most explored throughout the month of November, it would have to be gratitude. Similarly, the word which most captivates our central theme for December would be giving. The children learned first-hand the joy of giving as they hand-picked and wrapped gifts for one another – a very popular work in our Practical Life area. They also spent many days working on your [parents] holiday gifts and handmade cards. Giving showed up on our Kindness Tree as friends made snowflakes for a friend who had been kind to them that day. Giving came in the guise of friends helping each other zip up their coats, clean up spills, holding doors open for one another, helping each other with lessons, folding classroom laundry, putting out a younger friend’s nap mat, or inviting someone new to snack. The children sliced apples and served it to one another and made a beautiful get well card for Ms. Tamburello making sure that everyone signed it. Giving… they decided in a circle might just be more fun than receiving.
2012 here we come!

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