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The Cherry Blossom Staff

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The Cherry Blossom:  A Montessori School 
(Hillsborough Site)
(908) 369-4436

Director -
 Donna Fiumara extension 202 

Assistant Administrator - Seleste McDaniel extension 201

Dr. Seuss Room extension 203
Head Teacher - Stefanie Fedora
Assistant - Suzan Soltis

Jacques Cousteau Room extension 206
Lead Teacher - Stacy Catoggio
Co-Teacher - Joanna Byra

Mahatma Gandhi Room extension 205
Head Teacher - Anu Krishnan
Co-Teacher - Minna Shao

Mother Teresa Room extension 204 
Head Teacher - Nancy Tamburello
Co-Teacher - Shweta Jain

Albert Einstein Room extension 203
Head Teacher - Tamara Mount
Assistant - Maneesha Dave

Michelangelo Room extension 203
Head Teacher - Carol Young 

Kindergarten Enrichment
Lead Teacher - Stacy Catoggio

After School Program
Head Teacher - Cindy Fonzetti


Spanish - Sandra Hurtado

Music - Nancy Cesta

Physical Education - Mike McDaniel

Technology - Mike McDaniel

Art - Kim Cheifer

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